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Flight is a new game launched by Armor games. It’s a simple, easy and free to play online flash game that loads and runs very smoothly. The game is gaining very good reputation among gamers of all ages and is surely a hit game.

Graphics and Music:
The game graphics are very simple and a plain color scheme has been implemented. Throughout the game one gets to play in different landscapes. You can fly over different cities, countries and continents. The music of the game has also been kept very sound and soothing so that the player doesn’t get frustrated.

The basic aim of the game is to throw a paper plane as far as you can. There are six different levels and you have to cover thousand meters with minimum number of throws at each level to complete it. Use your left mouse click to pick up a plane and drag the mouse itself towards the left and the release the button to throw it. The plane will fly in a parabolic path and in its course it will collect stars and other achievement bonuses. Each stars equals to $5 which you can use during the game to upgrade or purchase new planes. The points are given on the basis of the distance travelled, velocity attained and altitude reached. You will also get to see paper cranes, collecting these cranes will add a bonus multiplier and hence boost your final score. Similarly there are also windmills along the way if you hit a wind mill it will help you fly a little longer. A useful tip is that you throw the plane from the upper part of the screen.
There’s also a customization feature wherein you can change the color texture and other features of you plane. You can upgrade to a newer and lighter plane. To do all this you need to cash which you can earn at each level.

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Flight The Game, 8.7 out of 10 based on 20 ratings

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